A Eugene Tale

Eugene is a fragrance that tells the story of a gypsy love, one of freedom, passion and beauty, opening on a sweet fruity note, full of joy and passion with a mix raspberry, peach and passionfruit, perfectly blending with the spicy sensuality of cardamom and pepper. The heart is centered around the beautiful Jasmin, magnfied by the refined magnolia and heliotriope, a flowery bouquet blossoming like the love this scent represents. The base is woody and sensual with Kashmir wood, Indian Agarwood, Indian Sandalwood capturing the feel of a warm embrace between two lovers, this feeling is accentuated by the sweet Vanilla and the rare musk, adding an animalistic, wild, free and passionate.

Eugene will exalt your senses, all the beauty that life can offer captured in a magnificent bottle, the first kiss, the first stare, first touch encapsulating the longing for freedom and the soothing feeling of
pure love, innocent, timeless and what makes life worth living.

Let yourself be transported by the Bohemian ways, that inspired this scent, and let free the gypsy soul within you, let go of your worries with this soothing sweet and woody fragrance.

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