A perfume opulence

We welcome you to our colorful community in a world of black and white.

Every day, our senses are overwhelmed with fragrances. From the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans in the morning to the fragrances of our childhood recollections, there is something for everyone. They are, however, buried deep in hectic lives. We wish to resurrect those long-forgotten memories!

Discover the wonderful fragrant tales that celebrate the lives and history of Gypsy.

This culture, rich in tradition and storytelling, combines family, history, knowledge, and their unique values to produce a type of art that is full of self-expression and beauty.

The word “perfume” says it all.

We conducted extensive research into people’s moods, thoughts, and lifestyles before blending all of the ingredients with stunning notes of passion fruit, raspberry, peach, cardamom, pepper, as well as a splash of orris fusion, jasmine sambac, magnolia, heliotrope, to create A Eugene Tale, a perfume for those who think differently in different situations. Suitable for any style

A woody foundation of Kashmir wood, Indian Agarwood, and Indian Sandalwood gives a sense of anticipation in A Eugene Tale, followed by a magnificent explosion of Vanilla, and amber base notes with a fusion of musk.

A Eugene Tale is freedom to passion, wild romance, and freedom that transforms your entire aura and identity.

Gypsy perfumes are fresh, refined and enlivening.

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