The Brand

Made in the UK, we are proud to be a fine British artisan perfumery that also supports other local artisans. With top class perfumers, we work diligently to deliver outstanding, quality fragrances. Ultimately, we look for partners who are professional, responsible, and who possess a real love for creativity and self-expression.



“Story’s Beginning” is our first collection, consisting of five beautiful fragrances, which produce stories that any living person with a certain destiny will never forget.
“Birds of Passage” is our second collection, which includes 5 incredible scents. Real, alive, and vivid, they mirror the delicate mannerisms of nature in order to tell true stories about two lovers enjoying their gypsy life.

Our limited edition collection, consisting of three scents, is titled “Limited Promises” portraying the trials and tribulations that arise due to the pain between parted lovers.

Gypsy Story

Each day, our worlds are flooded with scents. From roasting coffee beans in the morning, freshly cut grass, to scents from our childhood memories. These scents linger, captivating us for some time, however, sometimes they can get lost in our busy lives, buried deep. We want to bring those lost memories back to life!
Explore the magical scented tales, celebrating the lives and histories of a Gypsy. This culture, full of tradition and stories, bring family, history, knowledge and their respective value together, to create a form of art that is full of self-expression and beauty.