Furniture Spray: Eugene Tale

The flower’s beauty and grace, as well as its pleasant scent, add to the sensation of floral sweetness. Violet sheds evoke feelings and thoughts in your space. A Eugene Tale creates the instant ambiance of fruity and creamy aromas, allowing you to delve into its inspired form – homemade cakes and tarts. Gypsy room sprays use natural ingredients that fill your room with an incredible aroma that will take you on a familiar journey of fresh sweetness. The room spray feels like fruity, fresh tarts wrapped up in a bottle by Gypsy.

Each of its different elements smells differently containing top notes, base notes, and middle notes containing Fruits, Flowers and Woods. Passion fruit has a strong, exotic, and tropical aroma and flavor. Raspberries and peaches are more refined than strawberries, with a tangy or sweet flavor. Cardamom has a sweet spicy scent with a woody undertone. Pepper, on the other hand, smells spicy and peppery. Allow your love to nourish yourself and others as well. In this way make your moment perfect and natural. Enjoy your life with exotic perfumes.

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