Gypsy Story’s Beginning Collection for Perfume Lovers

Gypsy Perfume is glad to present Gypsy Story’s Beginning, a wonderful unisex niche scent collection. As the name implies, the goal of our creations is to take you on a journey. They are meant to complete your adventures and overnight meetings. And more importantly, to capture your senses for a delightful experience.

In this brief article, you are going to read about five perfumes. Top-class perfumers created these scents masterfully to offer you a unique encounter with your deepest desires. Of course, it will be up to you to go sightseeing in the worlds they disclose for you and your curiosity only.

Gypsy Story’s Beginning – Luxury perfume collection

Gypsy Story’s Beginning includes five blends that introduce you to Gypsy Perfume’s perfumery. This means these perfumes are the perfect starting point for anyone who does not know niche scents well.

Perfume lovers are bound to search for more meaningful smells. Especially if they are looking for a distinctive signature fragrance. So this is why we wanted to welcome you into the niche world with an unmatched series of fragrant combinations. On top of that, we added our exclusive DNA to let you dive into the enchanting Gypsy’s universe.


1 — A Eugene Tale

Love is such a powerful force that can shape our memories. Yet, it is still light and delicate, like a straw hat. Love can protect you from the harmful effects of loneliness. But it is still such a fragile emotion that can dash away, only to linger in our memories for years. Gypsy Story’s Beginning reproduces this feeling in A Eugene Tale.
Anyone can enjoy this sweet woody of fruity and sylvan notes. As a unisex perfume, you can wear it on a chilly night or with casual attire. Just like with Love, you will find plenty of occasions to leave a delicious trail that will waft long and wide around you anywhere you go.

2 — Kocha Nights

Everyone needs to relax and switch off from time to time. But we often sense the lack of something that can turn our spare time into a blissful moment. Kocha Nights is the answer to this unuttered question. Enjoy a smoky, spicy aroma that will envelop and regenerate your unsettled soul.

3 — North to Poltava

A courageous heart fears no boundaries or limits. After all, successful people can go beyond the known territory. Plus, they live for the thrill of a new mission. North to Poltava is the ideal niche fragrance for an indomitable character. Thanks to its spicy and earthy notes, the intoxicating aura will waft around you, marking your every move.

4 — The Heart Notes

Where would you be without the help of your loved ones? The Heart Notes celebrates our innate capacity of working with others and creating special bonds. Just like a perfumer combines different ingredients that would never meet each other in nature, Gypsy Story’s Beginning gives you the perfect match. This balanced mix of sweet and spicy essences is perfect for your social gatherings and events.

5 — Spring in August

Regardless of gender, a scent should also push you and the others around you to challenge the nose with extravagant aromas. Spring in August is a complex fusion of citrusy and refined ingredients. This woody and fresh perfume will mark your first impression in other people’s minds. So, wear it confidently and during your good days.

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