My Mirage – North To Poltava

Keeping in mind, that the first thing anybody notices about you isn’t your looks, but rather the way you smell because scent passes through the air first. Gypsy fragrances help you make a strong first impression. They’ve released North to Poltava fragrance, which has an aroma that will set you apart from the crowd.

The perfume North To Poltava is a scent collection for the ultimate live-in-the-moment romantic moments that opens up with sweet notes of Saffron, Rose, Jasmine, Oud, Amber, Vanilla, and Rum.

The North to Poltava might be your ultimate key to a spicy future.  But with subtle sweet notes added in the perfume gives a musky fruity scent and adds a sensual and tangy feel mixed with various colorful ingredients.

It shines with confidence with an irresistible mix of rum, oud, amber, vanilla, and spicy patchouli at its base, carried on the breeze by rose and jasmine, that bring back childhood memories with the ultra-fresh aroma of North To Poltava by Gypsy Perfumes. This was created specifically to evoke recollections and will never leave you forgetting its fresh and unique scent. It’s the scent that begins with rich, profound, and slightly sweet tones that follows you and lingers behind you, just like your own shadow by becoming a part of you.

North To Poltava exudes a sense of achievement and success, as well as optimism and pleasure. This scent is rich, deep, and slightly sweet tones, with robust top notes of saffron and dark raspberry.

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