Seven Colors from the bird of passage

“Seven Colors,” a luxurious gypsy perfume, has the most distinct scent of all. This perfume’s aroma is wonderful since it combines citrus, flowery, and woody notes. Its flowery scent evokes the blooming season when its fragrance uplifts the entire environment.

This perfume is a magical fragrance that inspires happiness and passion. Seven Colors is the epitome of extravagant flair, with citrus and fruity tones leading the way. Powdery Iris, Magnolia, Rose, Cyclamen, Lily, and Jasmine form the heart of this fragrance, which dances on the skin and leads to a magnificent floral.

When blended with a variety of components, this scent becomes aromatic and sensual. The notes have been used for decades and are appropriate for all seasons. Citrus perfumes, such as lemon, fresh orange, Red Currant, and Bergamot, have a comparable scent to the juicy aroma, or fruit flower. To create a wonderful scent, the citrus family is combined with another fragrance family, i.e. flowery.

The most significant note is the base note since it lasts the longest. Aromatic woods like Moss, Musk, Cedar, Amber, and Patchouli, which give a seductive element to give a clear incense accord, are among them. Seven-color perfume may make a cool rosebud open wide and lends tenacity to any fragrance’s wear.

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