Seven Minutes – Face to face with the my wildest dream.

Nowadays, perfume has become a necessity in everyone’s life, as it keeps you smelling fresh throughout the day. Finding a good perfume is important as it conveys more about the personality of the wearer. It boosts your confidence and increases your attractiveness because it contains a large number of pheromones, which have an effect on the people you meet. This is why a trailing scent is so important. Perfumes can also transport you to the best day of your life, bringing back memories and thoughts.

When you sniff this perfume, the first sniff will make you fall in love with it and realise you’ve found the perfect partner for yourself. With three incredible notes: base notes, top notes, and middle notes. This perfume has discovered its distinctness.

‘Seven Colors’ is the pinnacle of flamboyant flair. It is a fragrance that dances on the skin in a Romany of sensuality, with top notes of Bergamot, lemon, Red Currant, and Fresh Orange leading to a glorious florals, of middle notes such as Powdery Iris, Magnolia, Rose, and Jasmine, in a euphoric celebration of life, upbeat, and inspiring to lift your spirits throughout the day. With a warm rich base notes of Patchouli and Cedarwood, whilst intertwined with gourmand notes of Amber and Tonka bean, giving a delicate sweetness to this scent.

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