Story Beginning Discovery Set

This Story Beginning Discovery Set contains five exotic fragrances created from the essence of natural fruits and flowers. This collection includes A Eugene Tale, North To Poltava, Kocha Nights, The Heart Notes, and Spring In August. Each of these fragrances is handcrafted using one-of-a-kind ingredients. These Perfumes excite your senses with a strong passion that adds depth and refinement to your life. These wild and majestic fragrances bring back your childhood memories with this ultra-fresh scent that never lets you forget its fresh and exotic aroma.
Gypsy transports you to a world of colorful and aromatic adventure and fills your space with a wonderful aroma with its sweet and zesty fragrances.

5 Exotic Perfumes

Eugene Tale makes you feel extraordinary with its splendid ingredients blended with Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Peach, Cardamom, and Pepper notes.

North To Poltava is an exotic fragrance that brings back your childhood memories that includes special notes of saffron rose, raspberry, vanilla.

Kocha Nights perfume discovers unrevealed emotions and moments that add fire to your night. That opens up with a burst of red fruits, floral heart, and amber.

The Heart Notes is a secret window that captures your tale with its beautiful creamy wooden base and is full of regal love with dusky rose and cinnamon.

Spring In August perfumes captures attention with delicate fantasy, containing an elegant explosion of grapefruit, lime, orange, lemon, and bergamot.

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